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Carbs are a gateway drug!

For the better part of my adult life, my diet has consisted of rice, bread, pasta and cheese. If it (or a majority of its ingredients) didn’t come from a can or a box, I likely didn’t eat it. Vegetables didn’t exist in my diet unless they were cooked as part of a casserole, and only then if I couldn’t see/taste/identify them. I was not the pillar of health.

Despite my ignoramus level stupid eating habits, my blood pressure, cholesterol, etc were fine. It seemed that aside from being about 100 pounds overweight, I was healthy (and as big as) a horse. That all changed 3 weeks ago.

Go see the Doctor part 2: Cardiac Boogaloo!

I know, I know, I haven’t written in a long time. Life has seriously gotten in the way of many things that I enjoy. Here I am though, writing like nothing has happened because hey… blogosphere. Many moons ago I wrote a piece about getting checked out by a doctor on a regular basis. Keeping […]

Initiative 2012

This has been a crazy year for me, lots of ups and downs emotionally but most interesting in the work world. I am, if anything, cliche so I thought I would do a quick year in review and talk about my goals for 2012. Why should you care about my goals in 2012, why wouldn’t you?

From the Toy Box

Everyone loves toys! From now on, I’ll occasionally offer up a review of a sex toy that is user friendly and not intimidatingly scary. 🙂

Condolences: Sharing Warmth in the Face of Loss

Although this is usually a festive time of year, there will always be someone you know for whom the holiday season brings sadness or grief due to the recent death of a loved one, or the annual memory of that loss. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some thoughts with you about the subtle and gentle art of offering condolences.

New Years Resolutions as a Couple

It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on where your life has taken you over the past 12 months, and where you want it to take you over the next 12. Many people take this time to come up with New Year’s Resolutions that will help them change the course of their life for next year. Whatever it is, it will help if you and your spouse work together on your resolutions.

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