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Angela Weight

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Angela and her Conch

Angela is an award winning humor columnist, freelance writer and public speaker living in Middle Georgia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. She uses her keen insight and clever wit to help husbands understand the complex mechanisms that are their wives. “I like to think of goodhusbanding.com as an owner’s manual for the average wife. Of course results may vary, but we’re all fairly similar whether we admit it or not.”

Angela uses her background in psychology,  the myriad of learning experiences offered through her ten year marriage, and input from her “in the trenches” audience members across the country as input for her articles.

Abby Dryer

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Abby with her new husband Edward (left)

Abby is an IT Project Manager and newlywed, marrying her love of 5 years in February of 2011. She and her husband have lived together for a number of years, and have conquered many obstacles through following the ‘communication rule’. Abby finds herself giving lots of marital advice to her guy friends whose wives don’t want to have to explain *everything* to their husbands. Talking about serious subjects with a sense of humor and levity, Abby finds a way to help the guys who ‘should just know’ navigate their lack of understanding of a woman’s mind.

“Women are hard to understand. I’m a woman, and *I* don’t even get us sometimes! Goodhusbanding is a great guide to help men understand their women, and hopefully communicate with a little more confidence, because that’s what works… communication!”