Calvin as a Dad

I was going to have a very serious post today, but when I got to the living room this morning, my husband had found this on Reddit, and showed it to me.  When I read it, I immediately felt nostalgic and as if I’m seeing the ‘happily ever after’ of a childhood memory.  My husband and I talked about what Calvin did right in this comic.

1.  He married Susie Derkins.  After everything that he put her through when they were kids (and let’s be honest, she wasn’t all peaches and ice cream either) he somehow, some way found a way to get her to marry him.  Well done, Calvin!

2.  When his daughter called out to him in the middle of the night, he got up without disturbing his wife.  Big Win.  He also didn’t wait long enough for his daughter’s calls to wake Susie up.

3.  When they had a kid, he conceded to letting the new baby have Mr. Bun instead of Hobbes.  I can imagine that this came to a heated discussion or two.  My husband thinks that he conceded because the baby was a girl.  I think he conceded because he loved his wife.  What do you think?

4.  He got to be super-hero daddy by introducing a childhood friend/hero to his daughter when she needed him most, to fight Donald Trump!  My husband’s childhood teddy bear is still cherished by his youngest son, who is 6.  There is definitely something magical about handing down your childhood ‘friend’, and watching it bring joy and imagination to the next generation.  I think it’s fantastic.


*on another note, he calls his daughter ‘bacon’.  I think that’s awesome.


I honestly have no idea why this got to me the way it did, but I am grateful for the person who came up with it. Thank you, Pants are Overrated!

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  1. Ken Jamaca says:

    I call my kids ‘Potamous’ (as in Hippo-potamous) and Squirk (the noise I make when I push on his head….)

    Bacon is good though.