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What to do when you are in trouble.

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Why Men can’t talk about their wive’s “Time of the Month”

Why men shouldn’t talk about their wive’s “Time of the Month”

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Sex – How often is often enough?

How often is often enough when it comes to sex?

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Wives Need Husbands’ Validation in Disagreements Outside of Marriage

So how does a husband support his wife in situations that he’s not directly involved in? Excellent question, you astute man, you!

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Your Wife Versus Your Mom. Does a Happy Middle Ground Exist?

What should you do when your wife and your mother don’t get along?

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How to Get the Most Out of Couples Counseling

You’re ready to air out your marital issues and hear the opinion of a professional… so what can you do to ensure that you get the most out of your sessions?

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What Men Say vs. What Women Hear

You’ve said something innocuous and she’s taken it WAY out of context in order to make you look like a bastard. Here are a few tips on how to avoid these traps

You're a Dad...not a babysitter!!

You’re a Dad…not a babysitter!!

Dude, you’re not babysitting when they belong to you. That’s called being a dad.

Ten get out of jail free cards!

Ten get out of jail free cards!

Use one of our “sure-to-make-her-forget-why-she-was-angry” methods for exiting the dog house.

Your Wife’s Friends

Your Wife’s Friends

The rules about your wife’s friends, presented in no specific order. You’ll want to post these in a highly visible place for easy reference.