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PDA: Your Secret and Not-So-Secret Flirtations

PDA: Your Secret and Not-So-Secret Flirtations

Recently, an observation at dinner with friends caused me to take a closer look at the well-loved pastime that we fondly call PDA – Public Displays of Affection. My dinner companions are a well-established couple, together for at least a couple of years. It’s obvious that the magic hasn’t worn off for them, because they held hands throughout our entire meal, occasionally hindering their ability to actually eat. At first, I thought it was cute. Then romantic. Then annoying. :/

Then I had to mentally shake myself and say…

Diamonds:  Only Game in Town or One of Many Options?

Diamonds: Only Game in Town or One of Many Options?

Like the best relationships, the perfect engagement ring can’t be explained, it just works and feels ‘right’. Sometimes it cannot be explained to outsiders, and it shouldn’t have to be. But in case you don’t know where to start, here are some places to begin your journey.

Diamonds: How Much Do They Really Cost?

Diamonds: How Much Do They Really Cost?

Some may be benefiting more than others, but working in a diamond mine could be the only way to put food on the table for one’s family.

Diamonds: Keeping the Commitment Through Material Goods

Diamonds: Keeping the Commitment Through Material Goods

Human beings, being smart and adaptive little monkeys, came up with many different methods to reinforce the stability of marriage and fidelity that didn’t involve an angry father and uncle burying a husband in a shallow grave a safe distance from the water supply.

Diamonds:  A Diamond is Forever?

Diamonds: A Diamond is Forever?

The argument has been heard throughout jewelery stores, shopping malls, kitchen tables and bedrooms for decades. “A diamond is forever! Receiving one is what every woman expects and deserves and that’s how it always has been!” Not so fast there, historian! The truth is this…

Diamonds:  Girl's Best Friend or Something Darker?

Diamonds: Girl’s Best Friend or Something Darker?

Is a diamond really forever?

couple at sunset

Special Days – Special Times with your Wife

When a couple needs some quality time, one of them declares an “Us Day”

Couples Pedicure

Romantic Date #247: Pedicures and Ice Cream

my wife was itching to get out of the house and spend 5 minutes alone with her husband (which would be me…). We didn’t want to go far, and she was pretty much always exhausted, so taking a trip to the city or even to a reasonably nice restaurant was not a fantastic plan.

Couple Talking on the couch

Sex – How often is often enough?

How often is often enough when it comes to sex?

Fred Estaire and woman dancing

Dance, you monkey… DANCE!

Why men should dance with their women.

Rodney and Michelle

Making Everyday Special Moments (even during the toughest times)

A prime example of simple romance for an extraordinary couple.

man holding the car door open for woman

Chivalry is NOT Dead!

Is chivalry dead?

medicine cabinet

Cleaning the Bathroom with my Husband

Last Saturday started out as a typical Saturday.  I woke up earlier than my husband and started cleaning the kitchen.  When I was mostly done with the kitchen I started some coffee brewing.  As Mr. Coffee dropped the last bit of coffee goodness into the pitcher, my husband walked into the kitchen, deeply inhaling the […]

man with flowers thinking about woman

Should you Buy Flowers or Chocolate?

When should you buy Flowers or Chocolate for your wife?

Ashford & Simpson

Tried and True Marriage Advice from Ashford and Simpson

Many couples have a tough time just living together and couldn’t for a moment, fathom living and working together. How did Ashford and Simpson do it?

Marital Rut

Get Out of that Marriage Rut

You swore it would never happen in your marriage. Yeah, we all did. That blah feeling of being more of a roommate to your wife, rather than her Captain America.

Man and woman painting

Husband+Wife+Home Improvement Doesn’t Equal Romance

It’s amazing the lengths that Home Depot, Stanley tools and Benjamin Moore will go to make home improvement projects appear to be the ultimate in husband-wife bonding activities

Angry man and woman fighting

Is Couples Counseling the Answer?

A marriage counselor? You cringe at the thought of baring the negative aspects of your marriage to a blank-faced intellectual…. Do you need to see one?

Dry Spell?  It may not be your fault!

Dry Spell? It may not be your fault!

The mystery of a woman’s mood is a fairly complicated one. However, a good, dedicated husband can navigate through it with relative ease with these tips.

How to buy your wife flowers

How to buy your wife flowers

Here are a few tips on how to select flowers that will make your wife swoon, not break the bank, and make you look like a friggin’ rockstar!

How to Compliment your Wife (and not get in trouble)

How to Compliment your Wife (and not get in trouble)

Complimenting your wife is one of those essential ingredients to healthy marital communication, i.e. keeping her happy