Cleaning the Bathroom with my Husband

Last Saturday started out as a typical Saturday.  I woke up earlier than my husband and started cleaning the kitchen.  When I was mostly done with the kitchen I started some coffee brewing.  As Mr. Coffee dropped the last bit of coffee goodness into the pitcher, my husband walked into the kitchen, deeply inhaling the ‘good morning’ coffee smell with a smile.  I pulled out the coffee cups, creamers and sugar and lined them up so that he could prepare the World’s Best Cups of Coffee for each of us (only he can prepare it just so).

Normally, the Saturday Routine involves watching a few episodes of the SciFi Netflix show du jour (currently Star Trek TNG) while drinking coffee and generally waking up.  At some point, I start cleaning or folding laundry, and listing things that he should also clean.  However, this was not a normal morning.  This particular Saturday morning, my dearest husband (aka: the Best Husband Ever) said “So I should probably clean the bathroom today, huh?”

I was so pleasantly surprised, all I could get out was ‘huh?  oh! umm… yeah…’  I didn’t have to say A THING!  Woo!

He went and sat for a few minutes to enjoy his coffee, then went straight into the bathroom to start cleaning, then turned around and said “Can we PLEASE clean out the medicine cabinet?!”

“Why, yes we can!”

“Can you help me?  I’ not sure what needs to be thrown out and stuff…”


So my husband and I had a very romantic morning of checking expiration dates and asking “do we ever really use this?”  I even got to clean out the drawers that held other bathroom supplies that had gotten out of hand while he cleaned the rest of the bathroom, including the toilet.

When we had removed all of the garbage from the cabinet (and properly disposed of old medicines), we removed the rest of the stuff, wiped down the shelves, and then he asked me to re-organize everything.  I agreed, mostly because I like to know where stuff is, and as long as I put it there, I know where it is)  After I had put everything away, I showed him the ‘organizational structure’ of the cabinet, and then we did some “honey, I have a headache, can you get me some XXXX?”  and he would point to what he would need to get.  It was fun to do, but also helpful in avoiding the future “Honey, have you seen the TUMS?” question while he’s looking straight at them.  Now he has no excuse to not know where stuff is.

Sure, cleaning the bathroom isn’t romantic by most peoples’ standard, but my husband and I sat in the same room and accomplished something together. And at the end, we were happy with what we had done, and how we had done it.  That, to me, is the best part of marriage.  If you’re doing it right, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing – you’re doing it together, and having a good time doing it.  Also, I got a clean bathroom out of it.  🙂



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About the Author: Abby Dryer's goal in life is to bridge the communication gap between men and women. She finds herself giving lots of marital advice to her guy friends whose wives don’t want to have to explain *everything* to their husbands. “Women are hard to understand. I’m a woman, and *I* don’t even get us sometimes! Goodhusbanding is a great guide to help men understand their women, and hopefully communicate with a little more confidence, because that’s what works… communication!”

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