Dancing with my Husband

My dearest husband doesn’t think he can dance.  For a while, he was right.  I love to dance…  and because he’s the Best Husband Ever, he randomly dances with me in the most uncommon places… Starbucks, the grocery store, etc.  It was always a very loving, cutesy newlywed thing… never a ‘real dancing’ thing.  For the ‘real dancing’, I love to go out with our dancing friends and dance the night away.  He likes to watch the dancing and listen to the music.  It really worked out perfectly.

dancing at our wedding

Sometime near our wedding date, unbeknownst to me, he asked a friend of ours who is a dance instructor to teach him how to dance.  For the last few months, he has been learning Blues dancing, which is pretty awesome.  He’d show me what he learned in the living room, and the progress he was making was astounding… he was starting to dance better than me! I started taking group Blues lessons at the studio that teaches my Swing dancing lessons so that we could dance together.

For this month’s lessons, we caught up to each other and were able to take a group class together… Ballroomin’ or Blues Ballroom Dancing.  It was a big step for him, since he had to *dance in public*.  At first, it was really weird when the rotations had us dancing together… because it wasn’t supposed to be the cutesy newlywed thing… it was supposed to be concentrating on leading and following – focusing on the footwork and frame.  After the first few rotations, we finally got over the weirdness and started actually dancing, and had a lot of fun.

On the drive home, he told me that he was very nervous of embarrassing me in front of my ‘dancing friends’.  However, he totally made me look like the coolest dancer ever.  I convinced my non-dancing spouse to TRY.  Even if he wasn’t very good (which he was actually quite good), he got out there and tried.  Any other dancer with a non-dancing spouse is now jealous.  In other words… I win!

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