Dressing for Success at home

On your first date with your wife, how did you look? What about on the second date? What are you wearing now?

Are the answers to the questions above all in sync? Men are not the only species that like some eye candy. I guarantee your wife is less impressed with your jogging pants and stained t-shirt than she is when you are dressed to the 9’s.

Add that to the known fact that dressing better leads to more confidence. And we all know that women find confidence very, very sexy. Sprucing up your image doesn’t need to be hard, just take a look at the 5 simple things you can do to spruce up your look.

Start with a few things in your wardrobe that are versatile, attractive, and fairly straight-forward. Here are a few key examples of these items.

  1. Man in Sport Coat and ScarfNeutral color sport coat – A sport coat can add some flair to a standard look. Paired with dark wash denim jeans and a t-shirt it is good for a casual night out with the family. Add a collared shirt, and it steps the look up for date night.
  2. Multiple types of footwear – I’m not recommending you try to compete with her shoe fetish, but  stretched out black work shoes are not a good fit for all occasions. Try different colors and styles. There are several casual styles that can span the gap of casual, business casual and date night.
  3. Nice Belt – Women notice the details, so don’t skimp here. A nice belt with a quality buckle can tie a look together. Maybe go a little outside of your normal box and include a non-standard belt buckle.
  4. Watch – Most men don’t wear a whole lot of jewelry, but the opportunity to wear a watch can certainly pull an outfit together. It doesn’t need to be super fancy or expensive, but it should have hands…not just numbers and a colon. If you don’t have a quality watch, invest in one. They are not only a good way to tie a look together; they are also functional as a timepiece, which allows you to keep you phone in your pocket while you are out with your wife.
  5. Her favorite cologne – While this isn’t necessarily a clothing item, it is a major impact provider. Next time she drags you shopping, take the opportunity to find out what scents she likes on you. All colognes smell different on different people. Also, as you age, your body chemistry changes and may change the way your cologne smells. The cologne you wore in your teens and twenty’s may not have the same intoxicating effect on your wife as a new scent in your 30’s or 40’s. Don’t bathe in it, it should be subtle. It shouldn’t hit her when she walks in the room, make her lean in to get the effect.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. Your best bet is to talk to your wife. She will know what she likes to see you in, and what looks good on you from her perspective (which is the only one that matters…right?).

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About the Author: Ken Jamaca is a twice married father of two. "When I can't sleep, I think of fun, interesting things to add to the inter-webs." Mr. Jamaca noted "But my best ideas come to me in the shower...or in traffic. I'm not sure why that is." As the founder and chief editor for GoodHusbanding, he takes his role very seriously. "I've been both sides of the coin, and everyone is happier when men are good husbands!"

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  1. Tia says:

    I’d like to add that there is nothing sexier ever than mixing casual/formal wear appropriately. vest over a button front with jeans? Hot. Sport jacket with tee and jeans and colorful chucks? Hot. 

    On the other hand, I’ve never smelt an artificial scent that did anything for me. Cologne just…doesn’t work. But the freshly-showered scent is always a winner for me.

  2. Ken Jamaca says:

    Fair point Tia.

    My wife is a big fan of certain scents on me (freshly showered is among them). But you are right, some girls just don’t like artificial scents. 

    Husbands – Best to find out what YOUR wife likes, not mine…(or Tia, unless you are married to Tia, in which case, toss the cologne in the trash and go take a shower!)