Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man: Nothing suits me like a suit.


I never understood the hatred for suits. I get it for some, dad wore a suit, the guy who fired you wore a suit, your mom made you wear one to church and church was boring. While there are douches out there that wear them,  I challenge that there is a higher ratio of douche bags out there wearing a baseball cap or cargo pants than a suit. I wear suits and I love it. There is a phrase about wearing a suit and not letting a suit wear you. That has a lot of meanings to it but I think the key takeaway from it is comfort in your own skin (that is another conversation). Suits help with that; most of my friends that I have helped in suit buying have said they feel more confident and powerful while wearing the suit. They think people look at them differently. I think both are happening, people responding to their internal response.


When I wear a suit, I imagine each item as a layer of armor, something that empowers me. The pants strengthen my legs, the shirt slims me down,  the vest fills my chest with pride the jacket broadens my shoulders and corrects my posture… lastly, my tie. I don’t look at it as a noose like many I know, I look at it as my flag, “this is who I am today”.  Ties are like tails on an animal.   Suits are a fantastic way of expressing yourself. Suits are classy for any occasion if you let it. A nice suit without a tie can fit in at a ball game or a dinner party just as well as a pair of Levis and a polo. Personally I think the suit looks more complete without the tie than the jeans.  And between you and I, I like the extra storage space the jacket offers. Even the most casual of gym teachers can look comfortable, cool and appropriate in a good suit. One should always have two suits in their wardrobe, and they should both be darker suits. I say this because too many times in my life I have been to weddings, funerals or other occasions where I have had to dress up two days in a row. Hard to show up again in the same suit not pressed from the night before.


We covered some of the more logical merits of suit rocking, why not go over the main reason. Ladies love em. The most bohemian of babes still enjoy seeing their guy cleaned up and in a nice suit. Suits are a cornucopia of textures and visual patterns, that gives a woman plenty to touch and see. Having a woman always looking at you is good, having her touching you a lot, is even better. If she comes up and grabs you be the tie… good night Irene! Too often when I go out, I see a good looking girl dressed up with some effort, the guy in tow wearing jeans, some crappy black shoes and a dress shirt un-tucked. Infuriating. To go out looking like you just woke up is sad enough. To do it while your woman put in an effort, that is bush league, you know who does that kind of stuff? Communists. It pushes the question to people seeing the two of you together, “why is she with him?” I don’t know about most guys, I want there to be no question why the hottie on my arm is with me.


I bet some of you are wondering where and how to start. Funny enough, this week my suit guy comes to town. I am going to track what I do and how I make the decision. I will post up some pictures and my thoughts of what to buy. I will also give some guides for those who want to go the Men’s Warehouse route. I will post about my experience with this, and my past experience when I used to buy off the rack. I will also touch on why I go custom vs off the rack.


Until then, tuck in your shirt and wear a belt.





Photos taken by Braden Nesin of Interrobang Photography.






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About the Author: Tom is a director of IT for a financial start-up. He spends his days designing infrastructure and supporting high net worth advisers and their clients. Traveling much for work affords him a great perspective on life and what is important. The high travel has ensured that he goes on a lot of first and second dates.

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  1. Tia says:

    You should switch that to Interrobang Photography. Those interested should head over to http://interrobangme.com Also, yes, I AM Braden’s personal pimp-er-outter.

    On a deeply related note, I appreciate what you have done for Braden, by introducing him to the button down shirt, the tie, and the vest. My money is still on the button down/vest/tie/jeans combination as the sexiest thing a man can put on his body, because no ass looks as fabulous in slacks as it does in jeans. Simple truth of the universe.

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