Feel up your wife, TLC – Early and Often

Ladies – This one is for you…

Gentlemen (and the rest of our male readers…) – This is funny, for women…feel free to watch it, but don’t be surprised if your wife finds it funnier than you do…

As many of you know, we here at GoodHusbanding are very aware of the havoc cancer can wreak on a person, a relationship, a family, a spouse… it is with that in mind I recommend you feel yourself up as often as possible, or better yet, have your husband feel you up as often as possible. Get some TLC, on your bed, in the mirror, in the shower, wherever makes you feel … nice.

If you have trouble remembering to get some TLC, check out this iPhone and Android App that is designed to help remind women to check their breasts regularly.  I know, I know, so will Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar or that little fridge calendar 14,000 real estate agents drop off a week into January every year…but this has something all of those don’t…men, in their underwear.

Ladies, Please download this app. (iphone/ipad)(Android App releases 10.17.11) I like boobies, and I would like all of you to make sure your’s are healthy.

Breast cancer doesn’t come with cool superhero capes, so be sure to get some TLC early and often!

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About the Author: Ken Jamaca is a twice married father of two. "When I can't sleep, I think of fun, interesting things to add to the inter-webs." Mr. Jamaca noted "But my best ideas come to me in the shower...or in traffic. I'm not sure why that is." As the founder and chief editor for GoodHusbanding, he takes his role very seriously. "I've been both sides of the coin, and everyone is happier when men are good husbands!"

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