First GoodHusbanding T-shirt Winner!!

So, I have an un-written rule (well…guideline really…) that the first person to ask me for a free logo something should have one. I gave out Seamus t-shirts to ANYONE that asked for one when they first went into production, and there is a nice young man named Steve that subtly asked me for a GoodHusbanding Shirt


 Steve Anderson asking for a GoodHusbanding T-shirt

 So… I sent him one.

GoodHusbanding giving away free shirts
Well, He got it last week.

Steve Anderson Got His Shirt!!

 He returned the favor by tweeting a picture of him in the shirt, so I thought I would share his picture with you.Steve Anderson Tweeting about his new shirt with a link to twitpicThanks Steve!! I’m glad you like the site! Keep on reading, commenting and tweeting about us to your hearts content!!

Steve Anderson IN his GoodHusbanding Shirt!


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