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Happy New Year, Lovers!!

I hope you are all looking forward to a year of fabulous fun with your partner of choice!

I’d like to start this year with something new – a toy report.  Sometimes folks feel like sex toys are for people who can’t be satisfying or fun and interesting enough for their partner with out help. Well that’s silly. Toys are just a way to make even more fun on top of the fun you were already having.

So! Today’s entry is about Ben Wa Balls

These are the traditional kind. Simple enough looking, right? They go, ahem, in. Each of the balls you can see is a hard plastic, and has a little metal ball inside that moves around on its own. It’s the movement of that inside ball that causes the sensation. Some folks use them with a partner, others as part of their own personal fun. You can use them on men or women, whenever or however you want. You can include them in your one-on-one sexplay, or you can wear them all day for surprise tingles. Rowr. 😉

You can also get Ben Wa Balls that are connected in the middle

These are sometimes called Geisha Balls. They are super sexy looking, and tend to have a more subtle sensation due to their more oblong shape and softer outer surface. So if you’re on the sensitive side, this kind is for you. If you’d prefer a little more pow, then I’d suggest the original style.

Here’s why I love Ben Wa and Geisha Balls:

1. They’re low maintenance – they’re small, and they don’t vibrate so they don’t take over, don’t overwhelm you, and don’t get out of control. No batteries required either. 2. They’re cheap – my first set cost me $10, and the fancy ones are up to $40, which is still pretty reasonable. 3. The last thing is that there is a side benefit – ya’ll know about kegel muscles, right? Nothing like a set of plastic and metal round things chillin’ in your happy bits to keep your muscles strong. Rowr again!

I probably don’t have to remind you of this, but always pay attention to the instructions on how to care for your funtime toys! Each material requires a little bit different cleaning and storing process. Healthy toys are sexy toys. Sexy toys make sexier people. Enjoy!!

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