Geek out with your girl.

So for decades, my people have been shunned by society. Star Trek was watched in darkness on Fridays or Saturdays while others were out having “fun”. We were building a PC while watching the episode where Riker sleeps with anything… such a Kirk. Something has changed I think. We are entering the age of the geek, and the world is going to be better for it. Geeks run and own all of the world’s data.  Don’t think so? Google a picture of founding members of Google.. better yet, try finding that information without using a search engine.

Women and wives are better for it. Women are more likely to be cheated in WoW or playing a game of Scrabble then they are by their geek-husbands with another woman.  Sure the geeks may still just stare at your boobs but they are doing it while they are taking what you say very seriously. A person is rarely the sum of their parts to a geek because geeks know they aren’t. Geeks love smart, clever people. All of my geek friends encourage the women in their lives to be better, whether it’s making awesome gluten free brownies or beating him at tetris or getting that new job or certification. To Geeks women are just people, to be judged by what they think, say and do. The fact that they have boobs is a lovely plus to all the reasons why we choose to like them.

Guys, it’s time to show those geek colors to the ladies in your life. Theatre fan, bust out some “Seven Brides”. Gamers, roll that 20 sider… HARD! Immerse her in your world. The Jocks beat us Geeks to that piece by getting and finding women who are into sports. Why can’t women be into geeky stuff? Don’t you think your wife would get you better – and you appreciate her more, when she kicks your ass at Jenga and yells “Donna and Tony, When the walls fell down!”? I recently introduced my roomie to some Sci-Fi, specifically Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. She really dug BSG but she flippin loves Dr Who. Sure she now freaks out anytime I say in an English voice, “Are you my mummy?” but she gets it now. Any woman who can pull that off is that much cooler in my book.

I have close friends with whom I can communicate completely in idioms and metaphors.  “Yeah man, I missed out on the show tonight, I was about to leave work but someone caught me before I left and I had to Rodney an issue.”  Language and communication are completely dependent upon understanding and agreement on context.  Why not deepen that context between the two of you beyond the person you wake up with? A killer and fun part of all relationships is the inside communication. One of my best friends and I can have paragraphs worth of ideas passed back and forth with a few words and glances. He and I would maybe suggest we have Zmodem protocol engaged. A statement which in itself reflects the years he and I spent on BBS (before there was the internet to you kids) and working for US Robotics back in the day.

Geeking out can help contribute to that special language and communication between you and your lady. The better she can understand you and your world the better she will appreciate you and open herself up to you. Make Thursdays geek night with your lady. Do something together that is entertaining and geeky in your own context. How proud you would be of your wife to see her verbally body slam one of your friends on Stargate SG1 facts? How much better would your life be if your wife started rocking Wonder Woman underwear? Yes please!

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About the Author: Tom is a director of IT for a financial start-up. He spends his days designing infrastructure and supporting high net worth advisers and their clients. Traveling much for work affords him a great perspective on life and what is important. The high travel has ensured that he goes on a lot of first and second dates.

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  1. Awesome… me and the man have been playing WoW together for years!