How to buy your wife flowers

I have never seen my wife more confused or surprised as the day I randomly brought home a replica of her wedding bouquet.

I’m not saying you should start digging through your bookshelves/hopechest/storage unit looking for a picture to give to a florist to re-create your wife’s bouquet…but it certainly wins points…(and results in an 11th Get Out of Jail Free Card).

Giving flowers to your beautiful wife for a special occasion has become the norm, Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries, groundhogs day, whatever the occasion…she EXPECTS them.

The best kind of flowers are the UNEXPECTED flowers!

Here are a few tips on how to select flowers that will make your wife swoon, not break the bank, and make you look like a friggin’ rockstar!

Know what she likes, and what she doesn’t!
Has she mentioned she can’t stand the overpowering smell of lilies? Do her knees buckle at the mere thought of long stem roses? Does she associate daisies with her grandmother who passed away recently? Actually paying attention to your wife can yield all of this information. (Bonus points if you don’t have to ask…you “just know” that about her…)

[Tip from Ken – talk to her mother…they almost always know these things, and it wins you additional points on the in-law side for being so sweet.]


Along the same lines of what type of flowers she likes, are color choices.
I was informed by my wife’s co-worker that she likes “yellow flowers, but not sun flowers”. We had only been dating for a few weeks, but that message has helped me select flowers for several years. (be careful not to break any rules of engagement with your wife’s friends though…) Flowers come in all kinds of colors…knowing what colors she prefers can certainly help narrow down the selection.  Also, seasons…don’t get autumn colors in the spring time…if you don’t know what colors go with what season, ask your florist. If you are ordering online…look at your shirt. If you wife has dressed you properly, you will be wearing a color that is appropriate for the season…get that.

You don’t have to go BIG.
Sometimes a single stem rose is all you need, or even a handful of daisies. Just something that says you thought about her today. This doesn’t have to be a bank breaker every time.

Find a florist you can trust.

Get a rapport going. Give them the feedback your wife gave you…”Ooh, I LOVE birds of paradise!” or “Thanks honey, but I really hate orchids.” Can go a long way to shaping your next bouquet. Florists do this every day. Knowing how the last set went over will help them guide you to your next rockstar moment.

Use your history together to make “special” bouquets.
I said it before, I brought home a replica of her wedding bouquet. Did you bring her flowers on your first date? Do you know what they were? Did you do spins in a field of flowers at some point? Women remember that stuff, and they will be excited to know (or think anyway) that you do too (even if you don’t, and just got lucky on that one…)

Send them when/where she will get noticed for them.
Before my wife became a full time mom, I would send flowers to her at work. I did it every day for 2 weeks when we first started dating. She would get compliments all the time, and attention from the other girls in her office. She LOVED it. Girls like attention, and they like making other girls jealous…it makes them feel special…at which point they like to make YOU feel special!!

Bonus points: Personal hand delivery by your wife’s husband (which would be you, hopefully…) is almost guaranteed to win bonus points.

Flowers are not hard, they just take a little effort. Effort is what keeps wives happy.


Good Luck!!




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About the Author: Ken Jamaca is a twice married father of two. "When I can't sleep, I think of fun, interesting things to add to the inter-webs." Mr. Jamaca noted "But my best ideas come to me in the shower...or in traffic. I'm not sure why that is." As the founder and chief editor for GoodHusbanding, he takes his role very seriously. "I've been both sides of the coin, and everyone is happier when men are good husbands!"

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  1. Mom says:

    Wonderful advice!

  2. Sharronraeklopp says:

    YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE!!!  What a sweetheart.  Did you really do this?  and figure it all yourself???  How romantic.  I’m sure Natalie just loves this!

  3. kris says:

    I love the last sentence. “Effort is what keeps wives happy.” That’s exactly it! As long as you try your best, put some heart into it, I’m thrilled! 😉

    P.S. I am not sure you should buy me flowers the color of your shirt…since it might be a trout or the flag.

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