How to highlight your family on your Facebook Timeline

Now that Facebook has launched it’s new timeline feature, I have spent some time playing with it, and I had a fantastic trip down memory lane. I highly recommend you do the same. Follow along and see what I did, there is also a video with explicit instructions to allow you to do the same and highlight your family and important events on the worlds largest social media platform.

I started by creating a featured image in photoshop. I took a picture of me from my wedding, a picture of my wife from one of our first dates, my daughter being a snot and a cute picture of my son. Adding to that are the logo’s for my 2 current business ventures and a picture of kelp I took while diving in Monterey, and you have a pretty complete picture of what is important to me. What is important to you will likely be different (pictures of my kids on your facebook would just be weird…); so feel free to play around here. You can choose a single photo of your family, a picture of your dog (a la Mark Zuckerberg) or whatever sums you up nicely.

Next I scrolled down the timeline and added some important dates, the day I met my wife, our wedding day, the days of my children’s birth, etc.

Then I dug through my old photos and found pictures of my wedding, my wife’s engagement ring, our rehearsal dinner, etc.

I also added some nice memories for me. Things I am likely to forget in my day to day activities, but will rock when I check my timeline and stumble upon these memories.

Now, all of that seems like a lot of work, but really, it is quite simple. Rather than re-writing Shakespeare, here is the video from the Timeline launch that explains everything visually, much better than I can write…


What are you going to put on your timeline? Tell us in the comments!

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