Important Vacation Things to Know

I think it’s generally agreed upon that vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing.  I deeply believe in this concept.  As such, when I go on vacation, I have a few things that I *must* know, and the rest is up to the fates to decide.  The important things are:

This is what happens when you vacation in Wisconsin

  • Which airport
  • General weather forecast of destination (bikini or parka)
  • Time to be at the airport
  • How much spending money we have

Armed with those four pieces of information, I can pack, get away, and have a good time.  When my husband and I got married earlier this year, we didn’t really plan on a honeymoon.  I had just started a new job, and wasn’t comfortable taking time off of work to travel, so we opted to postpone it.  Two months later, we found ourselves in Wisconsin Dells because my husband had to be there for work on a Friday.  I took the day off and drove up with him on Thursday night, and we spent an almost-three-day-weekend together in what I called our “Mini Moon”.

As we live on the South Side of Chicago, the drive to Wisconsin Dells is not a short one, and we had a few things to do before we started the drive, so we didn’t leave until about 10pm.  At about midnight, we were struggling to stay awake and decided to stop at the nearest Marriott and finish the drive the following morning.  We had no reservations, but we managed to get a room with no fuss and had a comfy bed and cloud-like pillows for the night.  We woke up a little earlier than I would have liked, since there was actual-real-work to be done, but I got treated to my morning Starbucks, so I went along with it.

When we got to the Dells, my husband went to work, and I drove around looking for a place to get my nails done.  (pamper treatment #1 when on vacation and left to one’s own devices).  I drove around town and looked at potential places to stay that night, and then met up with my husband when he was finished working.  As soon as we were away from his work, we were officially “Mini-mooning”.  I had found a few places that looked interesting, and we found our hotel after calling two different places.  The deal we got for being a last-minute reservation was astounding, so we were able to make up for the random-Marriott-stay cost.

The general rule we followed was ‘eat when we’re hungry, go somewhere when we’re bored’.  We wound up going to play Bingo at the local casino, we went to a few tourist trap places for fun, and we ate lots of good food at whatever was closest to us when we were hungry.  There was one place I wanted to go to, an antique shop/yarn store; which we managed to find online the day before we left.  The actual store was fine, but the random places we found after we got to that neighborhood turned out to be better than what we had gone there for!

Now, we’re planning our actual honeymoon, and the goal is to find somewhere warm that utilizes the time-share option we were given as a wedding gift.  We have run into a ‘snag’ since we didn’t plan months and months in advance – many of the places we had initially thought of are sold out.  But the rule of vacations is to have fun, not to get to a specific destination.  We’ll get somewhere, we’ll be together, and we’ll have fun.  That is the only thing that matters to us.
What is important to you when you plan a vacation?

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