Making Everyday Special Moments (even during the toughest times)

In light of all the advice-giving we do here at Good, sometimes a simple example speaks volumes more than the “do this, but not that” posts. I think it’s just as important to feature a good husband every once in a while as to describe how to be one.

However, if you’re sitting there thinking “what’s the lesson in this article? I don’t wanna read about some dude I don’t even know!” Okay, fine then. The lesson is that to be romantic, you don’t have to be Brad Pitt, Romeo or that long-haired guy on the cover of paperback novels (Cousin It’s brother). Romance is about taking an ordinary moment and making it special, in spite of all that’s going on around you. It’s not as much about couples’ massages and candlelight as it is just being together and celebrating your togetherness. As Ken Jamaca (administrator of Good once said “make everyday moments special….and make special moments EVERYDAY.” Now that’s romance.

So, onto the story….I have a friend Rodney, who is married to Michelle, who has spent the past year in the fight of her life...for her life against the ravages of cancer. Rodney and Michelle are an average, everyday, very likable couple with three kids, jobs, mortgage, etc….They’re just like most of us, except for the fact that Michelle has spent more time in hospitals than at home. Most of that time has been at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, over two hours away from their home. With help from grandparents and friends, Rodney, in addition to being the main family breadwinner, has become mom and dad to their kids and Michelle’s number one caregiver.

As a friend and bystander, I marvel at his positive attitude and unending faith in God. He writes regular Facebook posts updating us on Michelle’s condition and progress. Below is one of his posts from a couple months ago. And it’s the most powerful example of making moments special I’ve ever read.

Feeling a bit sentimental as a we celebrate our 13th anniversary. It’s been a very tough day, and Michelle’s upset of course  being stuck in the hospital, but I assured her that doing what I could to help make her comfortable and feel loved was romantic to me. She was cold, so I had the nurse bring socks. I dropped to one knee to put them on and said, “You know, if these fit, then you could be that lady I’ve been looking for. and we’ll have to get married.” (That got a little smile) We did exchange nice cards, I bought her some miniature roses – and we enjoyed an almost midnight snack of a vending machine cheeseburger by monitor light . (She can’t eat after midnight. She’s having another tube – her 4th- a newer type catheter. None of the surgeries have really helped. Doctors say she’s s rare case. Pray that this will get us home).

And that, my friends, is everyday romance.

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About the Author: Angela is an award winning humor columnist, freelance writer and public speaker living in Middle Georgia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. She uses her keen insight and clever wit to help husbands understand the complex mechanisms that are their wives. “I like to think of as an owner’s manual for the average wife. Of course results may vary, but we’re all fairly similar whether we admit it or not.” Angela uses her background in psychology, the myriad of learning experiences offered through her ten year marriage, and input from her “in the trenches” audience members across the country as input for her articles.

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  1. Jalum says:

    Love the article,may be a little prejudiced,but I have told Michelle she got her Prince Charming,and he got his Beauty,a truly amazing couple. God’s Love Shines through both of them. Praying for your family always. Aunt Janice.

  2. A beautiful article about a beautiful couple….my brother, Rodney and his wife, Michelle…

  3. Jlgiles71 says:

    Beautiful story….brought tears to my eyes. Love you both! Jennifer

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  5. Bwyatt says:

    That’s love, taking advantage of any moment to be uplifting out of the simpliest actions.