Ladies – How to proposition your man

*beep beep* [incoming text message] COME HOME! I’M OVULATING!! [end text message]

Wow. That’s hot. No, really, I want to run home and jump into bed…

Now, let’s review how this SHOULD have gone.

*clever ringtone*

Husband: “Hello my love.”

Wife: “Hello my love, guess what I’m doing right now.”

Husband: “Um, the dishes?”

Wife: “Nope, I am waiting anxiously for you to come home to me. I have a surprise for you.”

Husband: “Oh really.”

Wife: “Why don’t you come home and unwrap me. Er, it.”

Husband: “Oh it’s like that is it? I am on my way!”

I take some serious offense to the concept that when a woman decides she wants to get pregnant the man in the relationship becomes little more than a “tool” to assist her to her desired result. Women often complain their man is not romantic and seductive; however, neither is a text message about ovulation!

Ladies, just because you and your husband are trying to have a baby does NOT mean you need to make it a sterile and uninviting process. Both of the above scenario’s got the point across…you want to have sex; and you want him to enjoy it. But the second version was much more inviting and much more likely to produce the result you are hoping for (in about 40 weeks).

Many men get performance anxiety when they are directed to “insert and deliver”. Try using your sexy voice on the phone, or greeting him at the door in your silk robe, or surprising him on his lunch hour for a backseat quickie, just think about how many people were conceived in the back seat of a Buick…that is the goal here right, if it worked in the 60’s and 70’s…

Ladies, how do you proposition your man?

Guys, what is your favorite way to BE propositioned?

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