Purple and Pink are not as fruity as you think.

Through much of my life I was told that purple and pink are not manly colors. While getting into “what is a man” is a totally different discussion (Later….) I do want to address these colors in regard to men and fashion. Little girls get rooms of pink and purple, little boys get rooms of green or blue (anecdotal experience aside). Not many escape from that mentality unless coerced by their significant other or lovely and persuasive sales lady at a department store. So we are going to spend my first foray into the blogosphere talking about why to break out of that.
I would showcase how it looks without the tie but I am at work...

Even with my pasty skin tone the pink shirt looks nice and contrasts well with the dark suit and matches the purple tie.

There is a theory among those who pick up women as an art called Peacocking. The concept is to visually draw attention to yourself through clothing choices. Some wear russian style floppy eared hats or WW1 Pilot goggles, all is in place to draw attention to yourself in a crowd. I personally prefer suits. I feel comfortable in a suit and it fits my style and demeanor.

I get it, you are married… but don’t you want your wife to still notice you in a crowd? You are reading this article, so I think it is fair to say you care.

Let’s start with a shirt, relatively low risk of money to make the change and test the waters with the wifey.  Need a guide? Darker skin tone – go with yellows, pinks and mint green. Lighter skin tone – go with purples, baby blues or a bright burgundy. With the simple dark suit you have in the closet all of these colors will bring an eye catching contrast to your look. Plus, those colors look great without a tie. Purple, my favorite color, is the liner in nearly every suit I own. It is a regal color associated with royalty. Pink is the new power color, business men rock the light pink like women rock a little black dress at a cocktail party. Orange can work as well. I get a lot of compliments wearing my “Chicago Bears Orange” colored shirt with a brown suit.

Don’t wear a suit (And why the hell not? More on that later.)? Go for a purple plaid flannel or a teal polo shirt. Please though, let’s all agree to avoid the Affliction/Ed Hardy style t-shirts. While they do get attention, I think there is a level of douchiness that gets injected into your soul each time you put one on. Leave them to the Jersey Shore crowd. That said, whatever you buy, take a few moments to make sure it hangs correctly and fits you well. There are few things that look worse than a shirt that doesn’t fit right.


Style is something sadly ignored by many men in our society. When we do make an attempt, it is often a regurgitation of something in GQ. Let’s work on developing your own style (Foreshadowing!). You are judged more by how you look than the words that come out of your mouth. Women are detail orientated.  Even my roommate, who is a sister to me, will instinctively inspect what I am wearing; even though we have no hint of interest in that regard. Why not give your lady something to look at, and maybe they will notice the awesome dude they married.


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Of course if you want to take the dive into custom shirts, pants and suits… feel free to talk to me.

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About the Author: Tom is a director of IT for a financial start-up. He spends his days designing infrastructure and supporting high net worth advisers and their clients. Traveling much for work affords him a great perspective on life and what is important. The high travel has ensured that he goes on a lot of first and second dates.

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