Romantic Date #247: Pedicures and Ice Cream


So, it wasn’t long after my son was born that my wife was itching to get out of the house and spend 5 minutes alone with her husband (which would be me…). We didn’t want to go far, and she was pretty much always exhausted, so taking a trip to the city or even to a reasonably nice restaurant was not a fantastic plan. I pondered for several days before brilliance hit me…

I had been listening her to minor complaints throughout her pregnancy and the brief time post partum, and one of her biggest complaints was that she didn’t have pretty toes. Couple that with the fact that Cold Stone pretty much always gets me out of the dog house, I created a “dream date” that met all the criteria.

  1. It was local.
  2. It was just the 2 of us.
  3. It didn’t break the bank.
  4. It was thoughtful (filled a void in her life that I knew about because I listened…and didn’t just ‘record and repeat’).
  5. I got hidden side benefits (pedicures are AWESOME*, and who doesn’t love ice cream?!).

Aside from the fact that my wife has really sexy feet with purple nail polish, and any wife in an ice cream coma is a happy wife, I am not trying to highlight these benefits here. What I AM trying to explain on why this is the perfect date for my wife, and hopefully you can take away some pointers on how to craft the best date for YOUR wife.

Let us step through these requirements and I will outline why this is a perfect date.

  1. Local…New Moms don’t want to be far from their new babies, pretty much ever, and if you think you are going to drag your new mom on an hour drive each way, you are outside your skull. Pumping, maternal bonds, exhaustion, etc, are all against you.
  2. Alone Adult Time…something your wife now believes she will never experience again, even 15 minutes will win you HUGE points.
  3. Cheap (sort of)…we all know the state of the economy, if you can get out of a date for as little as possible…WIN.
  4. Thoughtful…Your wife is telling you constantly what she wants. Talk to her for 15 minutes and you will get 10 dates worth of ideas.
  5. Hidden benefits…these can come in many forms, and it totally depends on what you consider a benefit. If you hate having your feet touched, going for couples pedicures may be the worst idea ever for you, not a hidden benefit.

*Now, I fully expect some push back from men that think pedicures are “not manly” or are just for girls. To them I say this. TRY ONE! GO BIG! Get the full spa treatment with the lower leg massage and the hot towel BEFORE you comment.


Ladies, what do you think? Does a couples pedicure and ice cream sound like a romantic date with your husband?

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About the Author: Ken Jamaca is a twice married father of two. "When I can't sleep, I think of fun, interesting things to add to the inter-webs." Mr. Jamaca noted "But my best ideas come to me in the shower...or in traffic. I'm not sure why that is." As the founder and chief editor for GoodHusbanding, he takes his role very seriously. "I've been both sides of the coin, and everyone is happier when men are good husbands!"

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  1. Karren says:

    Yes it does.  Especially if your wife has ever had to complain about where you leave your toenail clippings when you do it yourself!  I have one of the most macho men on the planet, but I tricked him into going for his first pedicure and literally, physically, had to pull him into the salon.  Once he was seated with his feet in the water, I ran to the car to get my camera (totally worth photographic proof), when I returned he had one woman massaging his legs, one woman filing his fingernails and one placing a hot towel on his face.  That is as close as he is likely to get to harem.  Once they removed his towel he was chatting it up with the women on each side of him (I was across the room getting a haircut).  He now knows his ladies and asks for them by name.

  2. ObviouslyAnnie says:

    Our second child is due any day and this sounds like a damn good date already!! I shared the article with my hubby. Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge!

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