Seduction as taught by Pepe Le Pew

Everyone can learn things from cartoons. Thundercats may not teach you anything useful as an adult, but I would say French skunks have some lessons bottled up with their green scent trail that we, as human adults, could learn from.

Pepe le Pew is a skunk with purpose. His unwavering commitment to finding, romancing and seducing his mate shows a grim determination any one of us would be proud to flaunt.


Here are the top 3 things Pepe le Pew has taught me about seduction.

  1. Stripes are sexy.
  2. Self confidence trumps all. Don’t just give up because she appears uninterested.
  3. How you smell matters. It’s hard to seduce someone when your odor repels them.


Check out Pepe Le Pew in action, he really is the hottest dude in France, next to Johnny Depp of course!

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