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Due to the positive reader response, please allow me to indroduce GoodHusbanding’s resident Sexpert…. Foxie Moxie!


Hello, lovers.

I am here with one simple mission: to improve your sex life. Sadly, I’ll have to do it from a distance, but I promise you’ll thank me anyway.

Let’s begin with some simple advice:

Read Savage Love.
Then, if you’re feeling motivated, listen to podcasts from Dan Savage, friend him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, watch his videos on YouTube, and for the newly-but-truly addicted, read all of the Savage Love archives. (Trust me, honey, it will change the way you see the world.)

I am a loyal and dedicated disciple of Dan Savage for several reasons:

1. He tells it like it is. I tell it like it is. We are dyed-in-the-cloth kindred spirits.
2. His readers and question-askers are REAL PEOPLE. I am a Real Person. So are you. Whoa nelly!
3. There is some keeraaazy-ass shiznit going on up in that column! Prepare yourself. You may find yourself completely turned-on in one moment, only to then crack-up at the absolute hilarity of Real People, and then find yourself scowling about the injustices and inequalities in the world. Entertaining+eye-opening=very much worth your precious time.


There are quite a few fun and descriptive terms and acronyms that His Royal Sexiness Dan Savage has coined along with his readers. Here is a favorite that I use often:

GGG: Good Giving and Game
What I love to be. What you should love to be, or learn to be if you are not already. Good, because it’s important to be skilled at sexual acts. Giving, because you care about the pleasure and happiness of your partner. Game, because you are up for trying *mostly* anything. At least once, anyway. This means that if your significant other says they want to eat a donut off your bits, then you say “glazed, or with sprinkles?” Surely as you read more Savage Love and spend more time cozying it up right here with me, you will all become more GGG over time.

Another Savage-ism dear to my heart is the Cornerstone, in which one gets high in order to break through a sexual inhibition. This also applies to drinking, of course, but “he totally Cornerdrunked” justĀ  doesn’t sound quite right.

My favorite word is sexplay. (Followed closely by pussywillow but that is neither here nor there.) Sexplay is a word I use often because I think it is the most accurate representation of how we all should interact with our partners. Let’s have fun! Let’s be silly! Let’s collapse together in a pile of sweat and ecstasy!

But first, let’s read Savage Love.



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  1. SC says:

    I love Dan Savage!!