So you are BOTH husbands?!

So I’ve been reading a lot about same sex marriage in the news lately, and it occurred to me that the term “husband” can be used to describe men in several types of relationships.

While the typical use of *husband* is either a heterosexual spouse, or the mating of animals (husbandry, also surprisingly appropriate). It can also be used to describe a gay man in a relationship as well, as noted by Calen below.

Regardless of your personal feelings on gay marriage, or civil unions, or whatever the buzz word of the day is, you must admit…the applicable uses of the word husband is growing.

There are good and bad husbands, both heterosexual and homosexual. Which led me to the conclusion, that all men are created equal…and they all need to be trained. There are things all men need to learn regardless of who they have fallen in love with.

Taking my above ramblings into account, I was pondering a quote I heard on TV; I think it is from Sex in the City, and it sounded like Samantha but I was in the other room so no promises if I am crediting this properly…“All the good men are either married or gay…” I started thinking…with same sex marriage being legal in several states, including New York (ironically the location of Samantha when she said the line above), that line should be ammended.

So I ammended it. And now you can show your support of gay marriage, regardless of what state you are in!

Men - The good ones are either married gay or both




Note, if you do not support gay marriage, I understand. That is your priviledge and right as a human being. I do ask, however, that you voice your opinion in a humane manner in our comments. I do not moderate the comments (except for obvious spam); but I may do so if I find a comment to be intentionally derogitory to any race, religion, creed, etc. That said, I am all for inflammatory comments…I do love a good fight!

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About the Author: Ken Jamaca is a twice married father of two. "When I can't sleep, I think of fun, interesting things to add to the inter-webs." Mr. Jamaca noted "But my best ideas come to me in the shower...or in traffic. I'm not sure why that is." As the founder and chief editor for GoodHusbanding, he takes his role very seriously. "I've been both sides of the coin, and everyone is happier when men are good husbands!"

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  1. Tia says:

    Man, I’ve no inflammatory comments, because this is pretty much the best badge ever.

    Also, that kid just warms the cockles of my heart.