Special Days – Special Times with your Wife

Sometimes, it’s difficult to separate yourself from the craziness of life.  It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of the day to day, and forget to remind yourself that you are a person in love.  Date Nights are a great way to set aside time and reacquaint yourself with the person that you spend not-enough-time with, despite the fact that you live together.  They don’t have to be regularly scheduled (although it’s better when they are), but they need to be special times set aside for just the two of you.  Get a babysitter, and take your wife out.

My husband and I have what we call “Us Days”.  One of us will randomly choose a day to be an “Us Day”.  We usually treat ourselves to good food, and depending on who needs the “Us Day”, we either take a road trip to Antique Shops, or sit down to watch Sci Fi TV shows, full seasons at a time – sometimes it’s a combination day.   What is important is that we are spending time together, just the two of us, and doing things that make us happy.  It should be a time of relaxation and fun.  If you don’t have these special times, you can easily forget about the ‘good ole days’ and lose them for far too long.  Keep the love alive!  Declare an “Us Day!”

The Rules of the “Us Day” are as follows:

  • We have to be together
  • No one else is invited
That’s it!  Those are the only two things that make an “Us Day” special.
What sorts of things do you do on your “Us Days”?  Let us know in the comments!
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About the Author: Abby Dryer's goal in life is to bridge the communication gap between men and women. She finds herself giving lots of marital advice to her guy friends whose wives don’t want to have to explain *everything* to their husbands. “Women are hard to understand. I’m a woman, and *I* don’t even get us sometimes! Goodhusbanding is a great guide to help men understand their women, and hopefully communicate with a little more confidence, because that’s what works… communication!”

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