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couple at sunset

Special Days – Special Times with your Wife

When a couple needs some quality time, one of them declares an “Us Day”

Couple Talking on the couch

Sex – How often is often enough?

How often is often enough when it comes to sex?

Caution: Change Ahead

Changing in Marriage

Why do women expect their husbands to change, while husbands expect their wives not to change at all?

man with flowers thinking about woman

Should you Buy Flowers or Chocolate?

When should you buy Flowers or Chocolate for your wife?

Man and woman talking. Woman doesn't think man is listening

How to Listen to Your Wife

When someone starts venting, they want someone to listen, not to fix the issue. Read on for how to tell the difference between listening and fixing.

angry man and woman on couch

How to Get the Most Out of Couples Counseling

You’re ready to air out your marital issues and hear the opinion of a professional… so what can you do to ensure that you get the most out of your sessions?

Angry man and woman fighting

Is Couples Counseling the Answer?

A marriage counselor? You cringe at the thought of baring the negative aspects of your marriage to a blank-faced intellectual…. Do you need to see one?

Dry Spell?  It may not be your fault!

Dry Spell? It may not be your fault!

The mystery of a woman’s mood is a fairly complicated one. However, a good, dedicated husband can navigate through it with relative ease with these tips.