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Fred Estaire and woman dancing

Dance, you monkey… DANCE!

Why men should dance with their women.

Caution: Change Ahead

Changing in Marriage

Why do women expect their husbands to change, while husbands expect their wives not to change at all?

Angry Couple

How to make marriage work

A guide on compromising to help your marriage succeed happily.

Ball in the air

Communication – what is it for?

What does your wife mean when she says she wants you to ‘Communicate’?

Dancing Dip

The Shoes Can Win or Lose! What she looks at when she checks you out.

Why to shoes matter? Find out from the Single Guy!

Angry bride and mother

Your Wife Versus Your Mom. Does a Happy Middle Ground Exist?

What should you do when your wife and your mother don’t get along?

The Single Guy with pink shirt

Purple and Pink are not as fruity as you think.

A quick argument as to why you should go with that more daring shirt..

money puzzle

How to Make the Household Budget Work

Budgets are no fun! Here’s a quick how-to on how to make a budget that works for you and your spouse.

medicine cabinet

Cleaning the Bathroom with my Husband

Last Saturday started out as a typical Saturday.  I woke up earlier than my husband and started cleaning the kitchen.  When I was mostly done with the kitchen I started some coffee brewing.  As Mr. Coffee dropped the last bit of coffee goodness into the pitcher, my husband walked into the kitchen, deeply inhaling the […]

angry woman cleaning bathroom

How to Clean the Bathroom

Personally, I believe that if there is a guy that lives in a house, condo, apartment, or hovel, the guy should clean the bathroom.  Say what you want about make-up and hair products making a mess in the bathroom… Women don’t have to AIM.  Men should aim, but they are generally no good at it. […]

man with flowers thinking about woman

Should you Buy Flowers or Chocolate?

When should you buy Flowers or Chocolate for your wife?

Man and woman talking. Woman doesn't think man is listening

How to Listen to Your Wife

When someone starts venting, they want someone to listen, not to fix the issue. Read on for how to tell the difference between listening and fixing.

angry man and woman on couch

How to Get the Most Out of Couples Counseling

You’re ready to air out your marital issues and hear the opinion of a professional… so what can you do to ensure that you get the most out of your sessions?

Angry man and woman fighting

Is Couples Counseling the Answer?

A marriage counselor? You cringe at the thought of baring the negative aspects of your marriage to a blank-faced intellectual…. Do you need to see one?

Handy Helpful Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Handy Helpful Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Four easy steps to having a clean kitchen!

Dressing for Success at home

Dressing for Success at home

T-shirt and jogging pants is not seductive. Here are some tips to spruce up your image at home, and make your wife take notice.

You're a Dad...not a babysitter!!

You’re a Dad…not a babysitter!!

Dude, you’re not babysitting when they belong to you. That’s called being a dad.

So you are BOTH husbands?!

So you are BOTH husbands?!

There are good and bad husbands, both heterosexual and homosexual. Which led me to the conclusion, that all men are created equal…and they all need to be trained.

The Good Husbanding Guide to Women Speak

The Good Husbanding Guide to Women Speak

Knowing what your wife means, and how to respond are critical to your personal safety and well being and your marital bliss!

How to clean your house like your spouse

How to clean your house like your spouse

A few handy, helpful tips on how to go about cleaning the house.