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Surviving the Holidays with your Wife - Part 3 - Events

Surviving the Holidays with your Wife – Part 3 – Events

Whether it’s the employer’s Holiday Function, a Latke Party, Cookie Party, or Family Function, danger can lurk anywhere. Not that the December Holidays should sound too much like October, but sometimes ghosts and ghouls would be a nice reprieve from an eternal evening with the in-laws. This is where you and your wife need to have a plan and work together.

Talk Like a Man?

Talk Like a Man?

There are many commercials out there that are based on the idea that husbands are no different from children.

Lighten up, it's just pregnancy!

Lighten up, it’s just pregnancy!

There are certain events in life that seem to be created purely for the purpose of testing the strength of a relationship. The most prolific example being pregnancy.

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The ‘Record and Repeat’ Phenomenon

A wife’s interpretation of the ‘record and repeat’ phenomenon her husband came up with

Ball in the air

Communication – what is it for?

What does your wife mean when she says she wants you to ‘Communicate’?

man holding the car door open for woman

Chivalry is NOT Dead!

Is chivalry dead?