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Why Men can’t talk about their wive’s “Time of the Month”

Why men shouldn’t talk about their wive’s “Time of the Month”

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The ‘Record and Repeat’ Phenomenon

A wife’s interpretation of the ‘record and repeat’ phenomenon her husband came up with

Caution: Change Ahead

Changing in Marriage

Why do women expect their husbands to change, while husbands expect their wives not to change at all?

Angry Couple

How to make marriage work

A guide on compromising to help your marriage succeed happily.

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Communication – what is it for?

What does your wife mean when she says she wants you to ‘Communicate’?

Angry bride and mother

Your Wife Versus Your Mom. Does a Happy Middle Ground Exist?

What should you do when your wife and your mother don’t get along?

Man and woman talking. Woman doesn't think man is listening

How to Listen to Your Wife

When someone starts venting, they want someone to listen, not to fix the issue. Read on for how to tell the difference between listening and fixing.

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How to Get the Most Out of Couples Counseling

You’re ready to air out your marital issues and hear the opinion of a professional… so what can you do to ensure that you get the most out of your sessions?

Angry man and woman fighting

Is Couples Counseling the Answer?

A marriage counselor? You cringe at the thought of baring the negative aspects of your marriage to a blank-faced intellectual…. Do you need to see one?

Ten get out of jail free cards!

Ten get out of jail free cards!

Use one of our “sure-to-make-her-forget-why-she-was-angry” methods for exiting the dog house.

How to clean a toilet (it won't kill you...)

How to clean a toilet (it won’t kill you…)

A lesson in how to clean the toilet. Put these step-by-step instructions to use on a weekly basis, and you’re assured to enjoy more sex and less nagging.

Your Wife’s Friends

Your Wife’s Friends

The rules about your wife’s friends, presented in no specific order. You’ll want to post these in a highly visible place for easy reference.

The Good Husband’s Guide to Gift Giving

The Good Husband’s Guide to Gift Giving

Here are a few gift buying suggestions to help ensure her thrills of gratitude and your dog house reprieve at least until the next special occasion rolls around.