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Surviving the Holidays with your Wife - Part 3 - Events

Surviving the Holidays with your Wife – Part 3 – Events

Whether it’s the employer’s Holiday Function, a Latke Party, Cookie Party, or Family Function, danger can lurk anywhere. Not that the December Holidays should sound too much like October, but sometimes ghosts and ghouls would be a nice reprieve from an eternal evening with the in-laws. This is where you and your wife need to have a plan and work together.

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The ‘Record and Repeat’ Phenomenon

A wife’s interpretation of the ‘record and repeat’ phenomenon her husband came up with

Caution: Change Ahead

Changing in Marriage

Why do women expect their husbands to change, while husbands expect their wives not to change at all?

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To have, to hold… and to tolerate.

He and his wife had been married for decades, and he said that Jeanie loves him, but mostly…she tolerates him.

Angry Couple

How to make marriage work

A guide on compromising to help your marriage succeed happily.

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Wives Need Husbands’ Validation in Disagreements Outside of Marriage

So how does a husband support his wife in situations that he’s not directly involved in? Excellent question, you astute man, you!