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PDA: Your Secret and Not-So-Secret Flirtations

PDA: Your Secret and Not-So-Secret Flirtations

Recently, an observation at dinner with friends caused me to take a closer look at the well-loved pastime that we fondly call PDA – Public Displays of Affection. My dinner companions are a well-established couple, together for at least a couple of years. It’s obvious that the magic hasn’t worn off for them, because they held hands throughout our entire meal, occasionally hindering their ability to actually eat. At first, I thought it was cute. Then romantic. Then annoying. :/

Then I had to mentally shake myself and say…

Surviving the Holidays with your Spouse - Part 4 - the 'Afterparty'

Surviving the Holidays with your Spouse – Part 4 – the ‘Afterparty’

Alright, the gifts are purchased, wrapped, presented, and unwrapped. The last people have left the last shindig, and the kids are finally asleep in bed. Phew! I know your first instinct is to turn into a TV or computer zombie and let the peace of the END of the Holidays wash over you before the New Year celebrations kick in – but I think that there is one more little ‘party’ you need to attend. The “just me and my spouse” party.

Great Causes to Support During Your Holiday Shopping

Great Causes to Support During Your Holiday Shopping

Rather than buying another tie or hot coco set, donate to a good cause in the name(s) of your loved ones.

Shout out to Step Parents

Shout out to Step Parents

I want to give a shout-out to all of the step-parents out there. Step-parenting is hard. It complicates your life in ways that parenting doesn’t quite reach all by itself.

Taking Care of Your Wife

Taking Care of Your Wife

Simple things to do when your wife isn’t feeling well.

couple at sunset

Special Days – Special Times with your Wife

When a couple needs some quality time, one of them declares an “Us Day”

Father-Daughter Birthday

Sunday Breakfast – Quality Time

What do you do to make your wife and children feel special?

Lighten up, it's just pregnancy!

Lighten up, it’s just pregnancy!

There are certain events in life that seem to be created purely for the purpose of testing the strength of a relationship. The most prolific example being pregnancy.

San Francisco

San Francisco and Peanut Butter Cookies

A culinary tour of a relationship growing with food in San Francisco

Fred Estaire and woman dancing

Dance, you monkey… DANCE!

Why men should dance with their women.

Angry bride and mother

Your Wife Versus Your Mom. Does a Happy Middle Ground Exist?

What should you do when your wife and your mother don’t get along?

medicine cabinet

Cleaning the Bathroom with my Husband

Last Saturday started out as a typical Saturday.  I woke up earlier than my husband and started cleaning the kitchen.  When I was mostly done with the kitchen I started some coffee brewing.  As Mr. Coffee dropped the last bit of coffee goodness into the pitcher, my husband walked into the kitchen, deeply inhaling the […]

man with flowers thinking about woman

Should you Buy Flowers or Chocolate?

When should you buy Flowers or Chocolate for your wife?

Man and woman talking. Woman doesn't think man is listening

How to Listen to Your Wife

When someone starts venting, they want someone to listen, not to fix the issue. Read on for how to tell the difference between listening and fixing.

When to say "Thanks baby!"

When to say “Thanks baby!”

“Thanks baby for all that you do…” will go a long way to keeping your wife happy…