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Initiative 2012

Initiative 2012

This has been a crazy year for me, lots of ups and downs emotionally but most interesting in the work world. I am, if anything, cliche so I thought I would do a quick year in review and talk about my goals for 2012. Why should you care about my goals in 2012, why wouldn’t you?

The Single Guy with pink shirt

Finding a balance is important.

How the Single Guy tries to balance work and a personal life

Playing the Game at Work Events

Playing the Game at Work Events

In the modern professional world, the social business function isn’t something you can go to solo if you have a spouse. Read on for some tricks to have a good time, and look good doing it!

How far is too far 'for the good of the family'?

How far is too far ‘for the good of the family’?

I was watching Casino Jack this weekend, and a question came up in my head.  The movie is a pretty good movie (my love for Kevin Spacey notwithstanding) and so I won’t insult it with an overly quick synopsis – just go watch it.  The question is – How much is too much ‘for the […]

Talk Like a Man?

Talk Like a Man?

There are many commercials out there that are based on the idea that husbands are no different from children.

Angry Couple

How to make marriage work

A guide on compromising to help your marriage succeed happily.

Why "Yes, Dear" Isn't Always the Right Answer

Why “Yes, Dear” Isn’t Always the Right Answer

Her dominant personality and his unwillingness to command respect became the downfall of their marriage.