When to say “Thanks baby!”

Laundry in my house is a mystery to me. I put my dirty clothes “near” the corner of my room, and they are in my drawer when I need them. I’m not sure how it works, but I am sure my wife is instrumental in the process.

When I get home from work, dinner is in my mouth within 15 minutes (30 if I want to go out…but she is always ready for me…).

I haven’t noticed dust on my furniture or bunnies on my floor since she moved in with me. Again, I’m not clear on the process, but I know she has EVERYTHING to do with it.

Cleaning WifeI’m not saying all of this to make other wives feel bad, or to give men ammunition (ok, maybe a little on the ammo side…) I am saying this to give the guys an idea of what women actually do when we aren’t looking. I noticed that all of these things happen, along with many more I am not mentioning in this article, and I realized that I never tell her I appreciate everything she does.

Guys, our wives do a LOT. And they generally do it without recognition or accolade. Next time you take a clean dish out of the cabinet, or walk barefoot on your clean carpet; a quick smile and “Thanks baby for all that you do…” will go a long way to keeping your wife happy, your relationship happy, and will ulitmately make YOU happy.

What does YOUR wife do (or ladies, what do YOU do) that they never get thanked for? Let us know in the comments!


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